Strengthening churches

Ever since New Testament times, like-minded churches have sought to share resources to serve one another, take gospel opportunities and show generosity according to ability and need. Each of our churches has experienced rich blessings from God, including gifts, abilities, expertise and experience. We don't want to keep these things to ourselves but harness them for the growth of the kingdom by sharing them with others. 

What does that look like? Reach South Churches share training events with each other for evangelism, parenting, leading music and other things. Our youth groups have joined to together for a weekend away. Our administrators share experience on charity operations and documentation. Our preachers swap pulpits once a year. And our congregations exchange prayer points each month so that we can support each other in prayer at our monthly church prayer meetings. 

big day out

our annual gathering of churches

Each summer the congregations of the Reach South churches come together to share a Sunday. We are built up as we hear God's word taught to us and learn what God has been doing in each other's churches. But we also find great encouragement as we mingle with each other over a bbq lunch, family games and times of prayer.