We are excited to announce that Reach South is looking to plant a new church in Chichester from September 2025. 

Why chichester

Chichester is the county town of West Sussex and is a small city (just 4 square miles) at the hub of a much larger region; the population of the city itself is approx 33,000 [2024 estimate], but residents within the Chichester District Council area number around 130,000 and there are significant new housing developments underway. Based in the city also, is the University of Chichester with over 6000 students.

There are wonderful churches holding out the gospel in Chichester, but as we have talked with those living in Chichester as well as other church leaders, we sense that there is a need for a church with a specific focus on Word-centred ministry. It is our experience in planting churches that just as Christians are drawn to different kinds of churches, so are non-Christians. We hope a Reach South church plant will be used by the Lord to win even more to Christ.

are you interested?

It is our hope that we will be able to find someone to lead the church plant by September 2025. For that to happen we will need:

  • Prayer. Please join us in praying that the Lord would open doors and ready the ground in the coming months.
  • People. It might be that you live in Chichester, or are planning to move there or would love to be involved in a new church plant. If so, please let us know - we would love to hear from you.
  • Pastor. We are actively looking for someone to lead the church plant. We hope to appoint someone by Autumn 2024 so that they would have plenty of time to plan the church and build a launch team. Between Autumn 2024 and September 2025, the planting pastor will spend time with the other Reach South churches so that he can pick up something of our culture and practice.

If you are interested in being the planting pastor, or joining the plant, please contact Jonny Clifton here.